Single-Cultivar Kamairicha Yabukita 0.5 LB LIMITED EDITION

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Kamairicha is the Japanese term for pan-fired green tea. While most Japanese teas use steaming as the kill-green process (to denature oxidizing enzymes and keep the leaf green), this tea uses the pan-firing method used in China and most other parts of the world. The processing of this tea also skips some of the rolling stages of sencha, resulting in a uniquely twisted leaf and setting it apart from our regular offerings. We are thrilled to be offering this rare Japanese pan-fired tea for the very first time.

Our Kamairicha is grown by a local farmer and good friend of the Sugimoto family, Jun Watanabe, who you may remember as the man behind our Japanese Oolong. Located near the Ojiro River, in the semi-mountainous area of Kanaya, his farm is blessed with several geographical features that provide it with favorable conditions for growing tea. Always willing to undertake something new and different, this Kamairicha intimately expresses farmer Jun Watanabe’s pride in his ability to utilize traditional farming techniques while continuing to research and test new farming methods. 

This spectacular pan-fired tea is made from the Yabukita cultivar. It boasts an enticing aroma of nori, anko, roasted nuts, and a subtle roasted poblano pepper note. Its flavor profile offers a round umami with hints of bitterness, like a loaded baked potato, and a sweet butter cookie finish. 



1 Tbsp (3g)  8 oz water 185°F 2  min

Single-Cultivar Kamairicha Yabukita 0.5 LB LIMITED EDITION

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