How Sugimoto Tea Company Can Help You Launch Your Very Own Private Label Tea

Avoid middlemen by sourcing your private label matcha directly from the producer.

With a wide range of matcha grades and other green tea powders and numerous packaging formats, you don’t need to learn Japanese, make a sourcing trip to Japan by yourself, or struggle with coordinating international logistics to create the private label matcha product you’re looking for.

By working with Sugimoto


Whether you want to test out one tea or have a whole line of teas in mind, we’ll help you take your idea from planning to execution.

Our Private Label Capabilities

  • Multiple grades of ceremonial and culinary matcha powders
  • Certified Organic matcha and non-organic
  • High quality packaging including tins, single-serving sticks, resealable stand-up pouches, boxes with foil bags, and more
  • In-house blending
  • FSSC22000 certified facilities for high food safety standards
  • All products are nitrogen-flushed to prevent oxidation


Here’s a step-by-step look into our process:

Step 1: Send Us Your Concept

What kind of private label matcha or other green tea project do you have in mind? Answering this question as much as you can before starting will help us be as efficient as possible when working on your project. Here are a few key components to your private label project that you should have in mind when starting out:

What Grade of Matcha or Other Green Tea Do You Want?

All of our teas come in different grades, from the most economical to ultra premium. For example, matcha is generally categorized into culinary and ceremonial, but there are multiple grades within each. Have at least a general idea of the grade of tea you’re looking for, organic or not organic, and ideal shelf price. With these we can provide you with our best recommendations right away.

What Style of Packaging Do You Need?

We can package your tea in a variety of different formats. All teas can be put into tins, boxes, and resealable pouches. Matcha can also be made into private label sticks. You’re welcome to browse our online shop to see some of the ways we’ve packaged our own teas for ideas. If you have a unique or custom idea, we can work with you on that too.

How Much Tea in Each Unit?

It’s also important to have an idea of how much matcha or other green tea you want in your product. For example, ceremonial matchas tend to be packaged in 1-2 oz sizes, while culinary grades of matcha tend to be around 2-4 oz.


Step 2: Consultation

Once we’ve received your inquiry and done our own research, we’ll schedule a consultation with you. In this session, we’d like to know more about the end product in mind and present our options to help you execute your idea.


Step 3: Production

After discussing your options and finalizing all the details, we’ll start production. Production times vary depending on the project. Don’t worry because we’ll be sending you regular updates so you can track our progress.

We offer a hands-on, personalized approach to all our private label clients. If you have an idea in mind for a private label tea or a range of tea products, contact us, and our specialists will find the right tea for you.


Ready to get started? Contact us right away!



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