Single-Cultivar Sencha Kanaya Midori 1.0 LB LIMITED EDITION

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Kanaya Midori, a cultivar renowned for its sweet aroma, draws its name from Kanaya, the area where this cultivar was developed at one of the most prominent tea research stations in Japan, as well as the hometown of Sugimoto Tea Company. With the perfect balance of bitterness, astringency and sweetness, Kanaya Midori delights the taste buds and is a wonderful treat for all tea drinkers. Its leaves are dark green and provide the brewed liquor with a vibrant light green color. The flavor is vegetal, with subtle hints of chard, and has a pleasantly milky mouthfeel.

Our Kanaya Midori is cultivated with care in Shimada, Shizuoka, at a farm with a history of over 100 years. At an elevation of 450-650 ft, this area known for its well-drained soils on picturesque Shizuoka mountain slopes. Farmer Kawashima-san crafts his own liquid fertilizer that encourages the microbes in the soil endemic to the region to provide his tea plants with the perfect amount of nourishment, resulting in a truly exceptional brew. In Kanaya Midori we present to you a tea that embodies the essence of Shizuoka’s rich tea heritage. Savor the milky aroma and sweetness with every sip, and immerse yourself in the splendor of this exceptional tea.

Single-Cultivar Sencha Kanaya Midori 1.0 LB LIMITED EDITION