Sakura Sencha 0.5 LB

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The blooming of cherry blossoms called "sakura" across Japan marks the end of winter and the coming of warm weather and merriment. Our Sakura Sencha is a delightful blend of sencha and real Japanese sakura blossoms and leaves, which gives it a more flavorful and aromatic experience than just including the blossoms alone. The sweet taste and the aroma of sakura compliment the smooth, rich taste of the sencha and is reminiscent of Sakura Mochi, a traditional springtime treat. Enjoy the taste of eternal spring with this blend of traditional Japanese favorites.

*Ingredients: Green Tea, Preserved Cherry Blossom Leaves (Cherry Blossom Leaves, Sugar), Cherry Blossom Petals

sakura sencha

Sakura Sencha 0.5 LB