Single-Cultivar Sencha Sayama Kaori 1 LB LIMITED EDITION

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The name “Sayama Kaori”, meaning “aroma of Sayama,” was inspired by the location that this cultivar was originally produced, a mountainous region found in Saitama and northern Tokyo. Sayama tea is a type of green tea characterized by its thick leaves. This single cultivar is Asamushi, or lightly steamed, and particularly high in catechins. It has a strong floral aroma, reminiscent of petunias with a touch of sweet shortbread. The flavor is bright and refreshing, with strong floral notes.

Our Sayama Kaori is grown at Kawane Koumi Farm, a small farming collective neighboring our headquarters in Kawane, Shizuoka. The Kawane Koumi Farm specializes in making Asamushi tea to bring out the flavor of the mountains. They grow their teas at an average elevation of 300m (1,000 ft) and focus on plants with fewer branches so that each leaf is richer in nutrients, sacrificing yield for enhanced flavor and quality. The difference in temperature between day and night in this mountainous region also helps to bring out a strong aroma. Although grown in Shizuoka, Sayama Kaori has thick, large leaves reminiscent of Sayama tea that make it strong against frost. As a result, this cultivar is almost always grown in the northern tea regions of Japan.

Single-Cultivar Sencha Sayama Kaori 1 LB LIMITED EDITION