Single-Cultivar Organic Sencha Shizu-7132 1.0 LB LIMITED EDITION

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Single Cultivar Shizu-7132 was developed at the Shizuoka Tea Research Center. It is a member of the 7000 series, a group of experimental cultivars from which it received its name. While several of its sister plants, including Sayama Kaori and Oku Midori, were registered by the Japanese government (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries or MAFF), Shizu-7132 has yet to be officially registered and continues to be grown only by a few truly passionate tea farmers in Shizuoka. Because of this, Shizu-7132 is a particularly rare offering. It is renowned for its delicate sakura aroma and flavor, which makes it a delightful experience for drinking on its own, but not ideal for blending. This flavor comes from its naturally high levels of the aromatic organic compound “coumarin” which is also present in high concentrations in Japanese cherry trees, earning this single cultivar the nickname “Sakura Kaori” (Cherry Blossom Aroma).

Shizu-7132 was grown by Taruwaki-san, in the mountainous area of Kawane, Shizuoka. This town lies along the beautiful Ooi River. The plentiful water and abundant nutrients found in this area have made it the home of several national award winning teas. Taruwaki-san has been farming without the use of pesticides since 1990, and made the transition to organic farming in 2002. One of his many secrets to success is blending his own fertilizers. His goal is to boost the natural fertility of soil and ensure that his tea field is in symbiosis with nature.

Single-Cultivar Organic Sencha Shizu-7132 1.0 LB LIMITED EDITION