Sugimoto Reserve Shizuku Gyokuro 0.5 LB

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"Shizuku" means "dewdrop" and was chosen to represent this remarkable gyokuro's essence flowing into water. Grown and hand-picked in Yame, Fukuoka, this tea is a special classification of gyokuro known as a Dento Hon Gyokuro, or traditional true style gyokuro. Among several other requirements needed in order to hold this title, this tea must be allowed to grow naturally and be shaded using traditional materials for no less than 16 days. You can read more about this special tea on our blog.  

Made from Yabukita and Sae Midori (meaning "Crystal Clear Green") cultivars, this exquisite gyokuro has an incredible natural rainforest aroma accompanied by a strong umami and sweet pea flavor and a thick mouthfeel.

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2 tsp (5g)  6 oz water 120-140°F
3-4 min



2 tsp (5g)  6 oz water Ice water 10-15 min

Sugimoto Reserve Shizuku Gyokuro 0.5 LB

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